Permanent Peace
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Create permanent world peace
3000 Peace Palaces

Create Permanent World Peace

The group of 40,000 peace-creators will make India a lighthouse of peace  

40,000 peace-creating experts in India
The centerpiece of the plan for permanent world peace is the creation of a single super group—a permanent group of 40,000 peace-creating experts—on the banks of the Ganges River in India. This group will draw on India’s large existing pool of trained experts in Vedic technologies of consciousness, including the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, and other Vedic procedures for peace creation.

Such a group will be five times larger than any peace-creating group yet gathered anywhere in the world. Since research shows that the peaceful effect increases as the square of the number of meditation experts involved, this group will exceed all previous groups in peace-creating power by 25 times.

A group of 1,700 is enough to begin generating a measurable change in the United States, and a group of 8,000 will produce such a measurable change worldwide. But in the view of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, change in the right direction is not enough. The goal is not just to reduce social violence, but to eliminate it altogether. With one super group of 40,000, augmented by groups of 8,000 on each continent (and smaller groups in 3,000 Peace Palaces worldwide), Maharishi intends to dissolve all stress and enmity everywhere in the world, and usher in an age of permanent peace—an era when violent crime, warfare and terrorism will not be able to gain a foothold anywhere in the world.

To maintain the peace-creating group of 40,000 will require $50-60 million per year. Since this group needs to stay together permanently, donations will be kept in an independently managed account and only the interest from this account will be used for support of the group. This means that approximately $1 billion must be raised for the Endowment Fund for Permanent Peace. On the basis of funds already raised, housing construction has begun to establish two groups of 8,000 on the the banks of the Ganges River. These groups will be properly funded long-term, and three more groups will be established (for 40,000 total), as financing allows.

Additional endowment needed to support a peace-creating group of 40,000 on a permanent basis: $1 billion.

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