Permanent Peace
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Safeguard America
Safeguard the world
Create permanent world peace
3000 Peace Palaces

What’s the Plan?

The goal:
A unified, peaceful world

To create permanent world peace, the plan is to establish peace-creating groups around the world, on every level—local, national, and global—experiencing Transcendental Consciousness (the state of inner peace) to create an influence of peace so powerful and pervasive that warfare and terrorism simply cease to exist. There are several elements of this plan.

Over 2,500 peace-creating experts in Iowa: The first goal in the United States is to quickly increase social harmony and coherence by establishing a new group of over 2500 peace-creating experts in Iowa, near the home of Maharishi University of Management. DETAILS >

8,000 peace-creating experts in the United States: The second stage of implementation in the United States is to host a group of 8,000 peace-creating experts. Research has shown repeatedly that such a group will be large enough to create a measurable influence of harmony and coherence all around the world—effectively defusing the global stress that fuels terrorism and war. DETAILS >

40,000 peace-creating experts in India: The centerpiece of the plan for permanent world peace is the creation of a permanent group of 40,000 peace-creating experts on the banks of the Ganges River in India. Such a group will be five times larger than any peace-creating group yet gathered anywhere in the world. Since repeated research shows that the peace-creating effect increases as the square of the number of meditation experts involved, this group will exceed all previous groups in peace-creating power by 25 times. DETAILS >

3,000 Peace Palaces: Peace Palaces are planned for the world’s largest 3,000 cities. Each of these new buildings—constructed in accord with the laws of nature—will be home to a group of 100 to 200 peace-creating experts. In addition, they will each offer a wide range of programs to reduce the stress, promote the physical health, and unfold the mental potential of the local citizens. DETAILS >

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