Permanent Peace
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Donate for permanent peace
Invest in greenhouse organic agriculture -- to support peace-creating groups
Volunteer for a peace-creating group

What Can I Do?

We invite all people of good will—all people who love peace—all people who wish to help protect their nations against terrorism and put an end to warfare—to read this site in detail, then contribute as generously as you possibly can to the creation of permanent peace.

All of us, of course, must make our own decisions about what is most important to support. Those who have worked on this site can only report their own opinion: In a world torn apart by terrorism, in a world descending into a war between civilizations, it seems not just sensible, but morally responsible, to support the only peace-creating program that has been thoroughly verified scientifically.

There are three ways you can contribute:

1. Donate to protect America—Help bring a group of over 500 peace-creating experts, rising quickly to 8,000, to the heartland of the United States. MORE >
2. Spread the word—Send the people on your email list a link to this site. For a one-click email to your list, complete with an (optional) message, click here.
3. Join a peace-creating group—Learn the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs; then join a group and help create peace for the nation and the world.

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